Teaching Literacy through Fun, Phonics-Based Stories The Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers series is a groundbreaking collection of 24 15-page stories rooted in the most current and widely accepted phonics research. This captivating series is perfect for any early-literacy curriculum, helping children practice phonics skills while motivating them to want to read, and read, and read again. Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers are the only phonics readers that offer all the following:

  • 75-85% decodable text
  • a research-based, clearly defined scope and sequence
  • adherence to definition of phonics-based literature
  • fun, natural story lines
  • review of previously practiced skills
  • trade literature qualities such as varied art styles and cover formats
  • 15-page readers
  • "reading partner" information for parents, teachers and/or tutors
  • individual availability of titles at an affordable price

A Progression of Skills for Quicker Independent Reading The numbered series begins with books containing only a few consonants and a vowel, and progresses to books with more advanced skills such as word endings and two-syllable words. Each book integrates skills from previous books with new skills that extend the reader's ability. This progression enables young readers to read successfully while they learn their letters and sounds rather than only after - so children read sooner and permanently internalize skills. Simply being able to read an entire book independently makes a child hungry for more knowledge so that he or she can read even more books!

Grades K-3