Multisensory Online Tutoring

Nationwide Multisensory Online Tutoring

Brainspring offers three main options for online educational support. All options provide K-12 students with one-on-one instruction and are taught by our nationally accredited tutors.

Students in our online programs gain mastery of concepts by breaking subject matter down into simple, easy to understand pieces. These pieces are taught using fun, multisensory lessons.

Our online programs include:

  • Private tutoring in our doubly-accredited Phonics First® (K-5) and Structures® (4-12) for new and struggling readers (additional subjects listed below);
  • Online Classroom Support to assist students navigate their virtual school curriculum;
  • Homeschool Support provides students with one or more of our curriculums to suit their needs.
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  • Reading Readiness

    Research demonstrates the direct correlation between a child developing strong phonological awareness skills and becoming a highly successful reader. Students are engaged in a variety of age and skill appropriate activities, using a multisensory approach, designed to help them hear sounds and patterns in words.


    Using a multisensory approach, Brainspring tutors address basic math facts and processes, the interpretation and solving of “word problems,” and higher level concepts such as decimals, fractions, and percentages. Brainspring also boasts tutors who specialize in advanced mathematics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus.

    Reading - Phonics First®

    Based on Orton-Gillingham methodology, Phonics First ensures the mastery of reading concepts learned in kindergarten through 5th grade. Phonics First is an accredited tutoring program by the International Dyslexia Association and IMSLEC.

    Reading - Structures

    This program reviews basic phonics instruction in a more sophisticated manner and also includes instruction in Greek and Latin roots which are present in 65 percent of the words in reading material above a 6th grade level.


    Brainspring tutors use visualization, Reciprocal Teaching, and a variety of other multisensory approaches to help students understand different texts.

  • Written Expression/Composition

    Tutors focus on the organization of thoughts and ideas, pre-writing planning, sentence formation, development of topic sentences, supporting details and conclusions. More advanced writers go on to develop these basic ideas into various forms of essay writing.

    Study Skills/Test Prep

    Brainspring provides the necessary tools to teach students note-taking, test-taking, time management, organizational skills, and study methods through a multisensory approach that will enable them to study and complete tests more efficiently.

    ACT/SAT Prep

    Realistic test experiences are essential to achieving success on standardized tests. During an eight-session course, students are prepped in both test taking strategies specific to the ACT or SAT and in content areas. One-on-one instruction allows Brainspring tutors to concentrate on the area in which the student needs the most assistance. All Brainspring tutors hold degrees in the subject area they are teaching.

    Homework Support

    Aside from providing specialized remedial instruction, Brainspring is also able to provide homework support. Be it Algebra II or Physics, Brainspring tutors have the expertise and experience to assist in all subject areas.

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  • If you are searching for an alternative to the traditional school day, look no further! The Brainspring Advantage provides intensive, one-one tutoring at a discounted rate for either in-person or online instruction.

    Brainspring Advantage students receive:

    • • An expert Brainspring tutor to teach your child. Our trained and experienced tutors understand and are sensitive to the frustration many learners experience. To foster trust, every student teams up exclusively with the same tutor.
    • • 4+ hours per week of individualized instruction in various subjects, including Brainspring’s renowned Phonics First and Structures reading curriculums, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math.
    • • Assistance with assessment tracking and progress monitoring.
    • • A flexible schedule allowing time for any needed therapies (speech, occupational, etc.) or recreational activities for socialization.
    • • A safe learning environment.

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  • To support parents and children enrolled in virtual school this year, Brainspring has created an online or in-person support option. Each week your child will meet one-on-one with a Brainspring tutor who will help your child achieve their educational goals. Upon enrollment, parents will provide their child’s tutor with the student’s virtual school login information. This allows their tutor to see your child’s academic status; upcoming assignments; identify areas of interest or assistance; and support weekly planning.

    This program is flexible with the aim to support each student in the ways they need. Some areas of support include:

    •      • Skill specific homework assistance
    •      • Curriculum specific skill building
    •      • Engaging activities to keep virtual learning fun and interactive
    •      • Goal setting
    •      • Weekly planning for independent study
    •      • Time management

    This virtual school support option is available in weekly blocks of 2 or 4, hour-long sessions between the hours of 8 am -3 pm EST (extensions are available for students residing in MST & PST) and billed on a monthly subscription basis.

    •      • 2-session weekly block tuition is $576/month
    •      • 4-session weekly block tuition is $900/month

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