Phonemic Awareness for Older Students

Posted by Brainspring on 2nd Jun 2016

Hello everyone,

This is Ingrid and my last post was phonemic awareness blending and segmenting for young students. Today I would like to talk about our older students and their needs. This Card Flip is a great activity to practice blending.

Card Flip

Materials: index cards

  • Students write the word, “noun” on both (short) sides of an index card. Tell students they have labeled the card correctly if they hold up the short side and you both see the word, “noun”. Then ask students to turn the card completely upside down, and label the other short side (front and back) with the word, “verb”.
  • Now say nouns and verbs in their segmented sounds (example: /w/, /ĕ/, /b/). Students must blend the sounds and decide if the word is a noun or a verb and flip the card to show their answer.