Phonics First® Stories for Reading Practice: Layers 1–4

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Give your students our reproducible Phonics First® one-page stories to read and keep. Use these reproducible stories to provide students with skill-controlled reading practice. Skill sequence complements Phonics First® Layers 1–4 or can be used with any phonics program. 

Focus by Layer:

  1. short vowels, consonants, digraphs
  2. one- and two-syllable words; blends; short vowel spelling rules; long (open) vowels; affixes
  3. magic-e; -ed; consonant-le endings; vowel pairs; contractions; homophones; Bossy-r
  4. soft c/g; Bossy-r; y-endings; diphthongs; affixes

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SKU: RL2024

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Dimensions: 9.5 x 11 inches
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