More Primary Phonics Storybook Set 2

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More Storybooks 2 accompany More Workbook 2 and provide additional opportunity to apply the phonetic concepts introduced in Workbook 2 to connected text. The storybooks use the same vocabulary as Workbook 2 and Storybooks 2 with the addition of one sight word was. Storybooks 2A are an excellent tool to reinforce the skills from Workbook 2 and can be used with either Workbook 2 or More Workbook 2.

Titles in More Storybooks Set 2A include: Babe: the Big Hit, Make the Bed, Mole, A Ride on the Bus, The Lie, A Fine Coat, Cop Cat  and the Mule, A Real Pal, Rose and Weed, and The Deer.

Skills Addressed

• Silent-e
• Vowel digraphs (ie, oe, ee, oa, ai, ea)
• Sight words
• Using phonics to read decodable, connected text

Grades K-1