It's All True! Level 1

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This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4–8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master.

Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book from the five content areas, so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers.

It's All True! Level 1: Most frequent 950 words
It's All True! Level 2: Most frequent 1200 words
It's All True! Level 3: Most frequent 1450 words

FREE Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. (see link on this page)

This is Huge (content area: Living Things)
Huge Ice Age mammoths and modern-day Komodo dragons roam the pages of this book. Even they look small next to a fungus the size of 1,665 football fields!

Wild Places (content area: Earth and Space)
What are the hottest, coldest, highest, lowest, and biggest places on Earth? In this book you’ll visit deserts, ice fields, mountains, oceans, and rivers to find out.

Dying Times (content area: History)
When Dying Times come, the world changes. This book explores plagues, famines, cholera, and a killer flu—and how people tried to stop them from spreading.

We Made It (content area: Technology)
How are the Great Pyramid, the Three Gorges Dam, and the International Space Station alike? The world’s best builders made these and other amazing structures.

Scary Jobs (content area: Careers)
Some people like to take risks. In this book you’ll meet workers who chase tornadoes, stand on erupting volcanoes, climb cell-phone towers, and even dive into raw sewage!

Reading Level: Grade 1 Readablility

Interest Level: Grades 4-9+

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