It's All True! Level 2

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This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4–8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master.

Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book from the five content areas, so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers.

It's All True! Level 1: Most frequent 950 words
It's All True! Level 2: Most frequent 1200 words
It's All True! Level 3: Most frequent 1450 words

FREE Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. (see link on this page)

Weird Science (content area: Living Things)
Scavengers, deep-sea monsters, and two-headed flatworms are just a few of the weird creatures, large and small, that live in our world. Beware of the eyelash mites!

Earth Gets Weird (content area: Earth and Space)
Black holes and blue holes, chocolate hills and solar explosions. Earth and space have some real surprises!

Final Resting Places (content area: History)
Readers visit famous and unusual tombs around the world, learning about the leaders who are buried in them—and their plans for the afterlife.

Invented by Mistake (content area: Technology)
How are pacemakers, potato chips, penicillin, and Silly Putty alike? They—and many other inventions—were invented by mistake!

Weird Jobs (content area: Careers)
Some people have weird jobs. In this book you’ll meet workers who design roller coasters, study garbage, make fake food, and act like aliens for a living!

Reading Level: Grade 2 Readablility

Interest Level: Grades 4-9+

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