Primary Phonics Workbook 4

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Workbook 4 follows the same format as the preceding workbooks. It  introduces consonant digraphs and words with a vowel followed by the letter r.  Once students have completed Workbook 4, they should be able to read, write, and  spell simple words.

Also available: Storybooks  4 are decodable stories that allow students to apply the skills taught in Workbook  4 to connected text.

Skills Addressed

  • r-Controlled Vowels
  • -le
  • -ng, -nk
  • Consonant digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th)
  • Initial consonant blends
  • Final consonant blends
  • Vowel digraphs (ie, oe, ee, oa, ai, ea, ee)
  • Short vowel sounds
  • Silent-e
  • Sight words

Grade 2