Unlocking Unfamiliar Words: Syllabication Strategies for Success - Self-Paced

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Unlocking Unfamiliar Words: Syllabication Strategies for Success - Self-Paced

Prerequisite: None

Workshop Hours: 6

Appropriate Audience:

2nd -5th grade: General Education teachers (Tier I instruction for struggling readers)

2nd- 12th grade: Intervention, Resource, Special education

Workshop Description:

Syllabication instruction teaches struggling readers strategies to decode multisyllable words quickly and accurately. Students learn to systematically break a multisyllabic word into small, manageable syllables, identify the vowel sounds within each syllable and read the word. Teachers learn the in-depth Brainspring Orton-Gillingham system for teaching structured, sequential, and cumulative syllabication lessons.

Teachers who have not taken Phonics First® (K-5) or Structures leave this workshop with a very thorough understanding of teaching the syllabication process. For teachers who have taken either course, this workshop provides an in-depth review to refine syllabication instruction.

The Self-Paced Syllabication Workshop covers the content in an interactive and flexible format. The information is engaging, with frequent on-screen interactions and hands-on practice activities. Participants have 30 days to complete the workshop.

Participants Learn to Teach:

  • A systematic process to read unfamiliar, multisyllable words
  • Phonetic syllable-reading practice
  • Three Syllable Patterns
  • Eight Syllable Types

Upon Completion, Participants Will:

  • Be prepared to teach structured syllabication to struggling readers in 2nd through 12th grades and adults


    A printable packet of materials comes with the workshop.

    While not required to teach syllabication to students, we recommend purchasing either the Phonics First® Syllabication Guide or the Structures Syllabication Guide. Both include detailed instructions for 75+ lessons, reproducible student lesson pages and an answer key. A 10% discount will be made available during the workshop.


    While the content of this workshop is sufficient for some struggling readers, it is not a replacement for the complete intervention/remediation curriculum of Phonics First® (K-5) or Structures (6-12) for students with significant reading deficits, LD or dyslexia.

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