Structures Curriculum Guide

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Structures Curriculum Guide
Structures® Curriculum Guide (2020 Edition)
Volumes I and II

Created with Orton-Gillingham trained teachers in mind, lessons are designed to address the grade 6–12 student who significantly struggles with decoding and encoding skills. The lessons cover the Anglo-Saxon layer of language (basic and advanced phonics and spelling concepts) and morphology study (Greek and Latin roots and affixes). Unlike many programs where morphology is taught after most phonics concepts are learned, Structures® carefully weaves the two together, allowing students to learn the more sophisticated layer of language alongside the basics.

Each lesson plan is presented in an easy-to-follow format and includes:

  • 102 lessons across five instruction Blocks
  • 111 reading/spelling concepts
  • 97 Morphemes (roots and affixes)
  • 156 Red Words (irregular words) plus 116 bonus Red Words
  • 76 syllabication lessons (8 practice words per lesson)

The Structures® Curriculum Guide is the main instructional text for Brainspring’s Structures® Level I course.

Copyright: ©2020
Dimensions: 9.5" x 11"
Binding: Spiralbound; Volume I 331 pages; Volume II 314 pages
Grades 6+ intensive intervention

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