Graduate Credit Information

All participants in Brainspring’s courses are eligible for graduate credits from Ashland University (Ohio). Participants that apply for graduate credit must attend all scheduled course sessions and sign the attendance form each day. Additionally, participants must actively participate in class sessions and complete all assigned activities. No additional assignments are required for graduate credit beyond those completed during the course sessions or assigned as homework during the course. The number of available graduate credits varies by course, which is outlined below.

Application Deadline
Participants may only apply for graduate credits during the same calendar quarter in which their course ended. This requirement cannot be waived and extensions cannot be granted. Grades will not be processed for applications submitted after the deadline.

Calendar Quarter Last Day to Apply for Graduate Credit
First Quarter (January to March) March 31
Second Quarter (April to June) June 30
Third Quarter (July to September) September 30
Fourth Quarter (October to December) December 31

How to Apply
After your course has ended, use the links in the grid below to apply for graduate credit. You will be redirected to Ashland University’s website to register. Be sure to select the course that you attended. If you are unsure which course you attended, contact for assistance.

Your course must end between April 1, 2023 and June 31, 2023 to apply for graduate credit using the links below. If your course ends on a future date, you must wait to apply for graduate credit until your course concludes.

In-Person & Livestream (Zoom) Courses Course Length (hours) Available Graduate Credit(s)
Phonics First® Level l 30 2
Phonics First® Primary 18 1
Phonics First® Kindergarten 18 1
Structures Level 1 30 2
Level ll (5-day) 30 2
Science of Reading 12 1


Self-Paced (Canvas) Courses Course Length (hours) Available Graduate Credit(s)
Phonics First® Level l 32 2
Phonics First® Primary 14 1
Structures Level 1 30 2


Once on the Ashland University webpage, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Register for this Course” button. Next, follow the prompts to register and pay for your graduate credit(s).

Note that the course dates displayed on the Ashland webpage will be for the calendar quarter and not specific to your course.

Grades and Transcripts
Grades for Brainspring courses are processed at the end of each calendar quarter. For additional information about accessing your grade or transcript, please refer to your Brainspring Course Manual.