Homeschooling with Orton-Gillingham: A Parent’s Journey with Phonics First

Homeschooling with Orton-Gillingham: A Parent’s Journey with Phonics First

Posted by Brainspring on 23rd Nov 2018

Homeschooling with Orton-Gillingham: A Parents Journey with Phonics First

Julie, a mother, and pre-kindergarten teacher shares her journey in using Phonics First while homeschooling her daughter and implementing the program with her students. Below is a brief breakdown of the information she shared.

Julie and Julie

Julie’s friend (also Julie) is a first-grade teacher who highly recommended Julie (mom) try out Phonics First with her daughter. Julie (teacher) had been using Phonics First with her students and saw great results. She knew her friend’s daughter has a learning disability, and that Julie (mom) was looking for a phonics-based reading program that she could use with her.

Once Julie started teaching her daughter using the Phonics First program, she quickly saw progress. Her daughter started to understand words and was able to read. Her confidence improved!

How Did You Decide That the Phonics First Training Was Right for You?

Mom decided the best route for her was to thoroughly learn and understand her daughter’s reading material, vs simply reading from a curriculum or script. For example, she wanted to be able to better explain the reasons behind spelling rules, to best teach her daughter.

How Did You Implement Phonics First Into Your Day?

We started with Phonological Awareness to make sure she had a strong foundation, then completed all five components of the lesson plan (with breaks in between!). She enjoyed everything! Julie utilized the Brainspring Members Area to gather multisensory activities, visuals and games which was super helpful.

What Made You Decide To Take Our Level 2 Course?

Julie’s goal is to become certified in Phonics First to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the program. She also plans on further utilizing Orton-Gillingham instruction with her daughter and students.


Enjoy the Video!


Written by Angelina Spiteri-Bender

Angelina is an Educational Consultant and Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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