Multisensory Monday: Jump, Skip, and Hop to Phonics First

Posted by Brainspring on 22nd Nov 2021

While we educators so often envision our classrooms or tutoring sessions to be quiet and calm, I have noticed that my most engaging and enriching lessons tend to be the ones that get a little “jumpy.” By “jumpy,” I mean that the student(s) are getting lots of energy out and utilizing all their senses (thus ensuring that the activity is truly multisensory)! 

My favorite, simple activity is to have students jump, hop, or skip while they read. While one could do this in a multitude of ways, here’s what I do:

Materials Needed:

  • Notecards

  • Permanent Marker 

Make it Multisensory!

  1. To get ready, all you need to do is write the words you want the student(s) to read on notecards. 

  1. Place (or tape down) cards in a line, zig-zag, circle, etc. 

  1. Have your student(s) take turns jumping, hopping, or skipping to each notecard. After students have landed on the card, they look down and read the word. 

This activity can be utilized at several points in the Phonics First lesson plan, using a few different variations:

  • During the Three-Part Drill, start with one word and then change one letter on each of the following cards. For example, CAN to CAT to PAT to PAF to SAF or BAKE to CAKE to CANE to LANE. 

  • During the Reading portion of Dictation, students can jump, hop, or skip to each word they just wrote. 

  • During Red Words, have students jump, hop, or skip to each red word (written on a notecard) and then arm-tap spell as they look down at the word.


Written by Tony Puente.

Tony is a Brainspring Tutor and Livestream Facilitator with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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