Multisensory Monday: 1-1-1 Doubling Rule Chart

Multisensory Monday: 1-1-1 Doubling Rule Chart

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 31st Dec 2018

The 1-1-1 Doubling Rule is difficult for many students, often requiring additional practice. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to help students practice spelling words with and without this rule, print off the attached chart and grab some small stickers (a rubber stamp could be used in place of stickers).

Using words that contain a base word and a suffix (choose a combination of suffixes that begin with either a vowel or a consonant), dictate a word to the students. The student then writes only the base word on the chart. Providing that the word has one syllable, the student places a sticker in the corresponding column on the chart. If the word has one vowel, the student adds another sticker. If the word has a single consonant after the vowel, the student adds the third sticker. Supposing that the word is not one syllable or contains more than one vowel or one consonant after the vowel, leave those columns blank or place an X in them. Lastly, if there are three stickers next to the base word, the student should double the final consonant before adding a suffix that begins with a vowel. (Note that X, W, and Y are never doubled.)

Make it Multisensory

Let’s look at the base word “fitted”. Dictate the word “fitted” to your student and have him or her write only the base word in the first column.

Now ask, “Is it a one syllable word?” It is, so add a sticker to the column labeled “One Syllable?”

Then ask, “Does it have only one vowel?” It does, so add a sticker to the “One Vowel?” column.

Next, ask, “Is there only one consonant after the vowel?” There is, so add a final sticker to the “One Consonant?” column.

Because there are three stickers, the T in “fit” must be doubled when adding a suffix that begins with a vowel.

Repeat the activity with additional words.

Click here to print a blank copy!
To print a blank copy of the sticker chart, click here:
111 Doubling Rule Sticker Chart


Written by Tammi Brandon, M.Ed., CDP

Tammi Brandon is a Master Instructor and Education Consultant with Brainspring Educator Academy.nul

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