Syllable Tiles: Multisensory Monday

Syllable Tiles: Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 20th Mar 2017

Syllable awareness is a very critical skill as students progress in their understanding of reading and spelling concepts. They move from reading and writing single syllable words (often with consonant-vowel-consonant constructions) to reading and writing multisyllabic words. Instruction focused on teaching students about syllables often focuses on teaching different types of syllables and what occurs when syllables join together within a word. Using syllable tiles as a multisensory tool dramatically increases a child’s ability to segment not only single phonemes within a word, but onset-rime parts and syllable parts of a multisyllabic word.

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I purchased white tiles from the local Home Depot and glued a felt backing to each one. Using a dry erase marker, have your students practice spelling syllables on each tile and then push the tiles together to read the whole word. With the tiles, students can practice blending and segmenting syllables in a word.   The same concept can be used to blend letter/sounds together to create one syllable words.  The easy dry erase surface of the tiles makes it very easy to use over and over again for a variety of activities!

Samantha Brooks, MSE, Dyslexia Therapist

Samantha Brooks is an Intern Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy