Morphology: Greek and Latin Roots Overview Workshop - Livestream

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Morphology: Greek and Latin Roots Overview (4 - 12 Grade)

Appropriate Audience: • 4th through 5th Grade general education
• 6th through 12th Grade special education, intervention, resource

This overview workshop introduces the study of prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin root morphology, providing a sophisticated method of teaching decoding and encoding to middle and high school students. In addition, infusing roots and affixes into general education for 4th-5th grade at-level readers enhances vocabulary and comprehension.

Approximately 65% of all reading at the middle school level and above comes from the Greek and Latin layers of language. Learn engaging multisensory strategies to enhance reading, writing, spelling and fluency while expanding vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and preparedness for state standardized tests as well as the ACT and SAT. 

Note: While the content of this workshop is sufficient for some struggling readers, it is not a replacement for the complete intervention/remediation course content of Phonics First® or Structures® for students with significant reading deficits, LD, or dyslexia.

Participants learn to teach: • Morphology: Greek and Latin roots and affixes • A Three-Part Drill for structured review • Tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for roots and affixes • Vocabulary Upon completion, participants will: • Be prepared to teach Greek and Latin roots to students in 4th through 12th Grades

Prerequisite: None Class Hours: 6

A Brainspring Instructor teaches live, in real-time, via video conferencing software. To promote fidelity, course information is easy to engage with through small-group discussions, practice sessions, and Q & A opportunities. The Instructor is available to answer questions via email between sessions.

Minimum Number of Participants: 25


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Morphology: Greek and Latin Roots Overview Workshop - Livestream Course Times and Dates

September 6, 2024 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST)