MORE Greek and Latin Roots

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Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension

The national standards require that students beginning at fourth grade use their knowledge of common Greek and Latin roots to analyze the meaning of complex words. This book introduces students to 30 new root words to aid their comprehension skills.

Help increase your students' confidence in understanding and using larger vocabulary words with More Greek and Latin Roots.

Over 60 percent of all English words contain Greek or Latin roots. Use the activities in this resource to help students:

  • Move beyond simply decoding words to understanding them
  • Dissect multisyllabic words into their meaningful parts
  • Increase their use of larger vocabulary words in oral and written language
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Increase confidence in their language skills

More Greek and Latin Roots follows the same friendly, easy-to-use format as in Trisha Callella's original Greek and Latin Roots and features 30 new lessons to support students' growing vocabulary. The built-in repetition and review will help students overlearn these roots and their meanings so that they become second nature.

Grades 4-8
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