Patterns for Success in Reading and Spelling–Second Edition, Print Manual, Card Pack and E-Book Bundle

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Now in its second edition, Patterns for Success in Reading and Spelling is the ideal program for teachers, tutors, and others wanting a Structured Literacy approach for students with dyslexia and all students needing reading instruction. The content is designed for a range of students, from beginning readers to those with advanced skills.

In Part 1, Letter–Sound Correspondences, lessons focus on beginning phonics skills:
•    sound–symbol relationships for single letters
•    consonant digraphs
•    consonant blends
•    the most common vowel digraphs

In Part 2, Syllable Patterns, Affixes, and Additional Phonics, lessons teach word analysis skills. Topics include:
•    syllable types
•    syllable division
•    more advanced phonograms
•    Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes
•    suffix addition rules  

In Part 3, Morpheme Patterns, lessons teach the Latin and Greek layers of language:
•    Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots are taught
•    many common Greek combining forms are taught
Print Manual and E-Book Bundle includes the following:
•    Full-color Teacher’s Manual in both print and E-Book
•    Easy-to-follow teacher scripts within the lessons
•    Online Reproducible Resources includes Word Lists, Exercises, Reading and Spelling Assessments, and Cards

Includes Teacher’s Manual print and E-Book, Card Pack, plus online access to reproducible resources. ©2021