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Multisensory Monday: Phonics First 3-Part Drill Fun

Multisensory Monday: Phonics First 3-Part Drill Fun

Posted by Brainspring on 7th Mar 2022

The Three-Part Drill is an excellent way to practice previously taught sounds for reading, spelling, and fluency. After a new skill is taught it becomes part of the Three-Part Drill. In Brainspring’s … read more

Rhythm and Rhyme Activities for Pre-School

Posted by Brainspring on 27th Jan 2022

Practicing rhythm and rhyme is one of the first steps toward phonemic awareness proficiency. Listening to and reacting to rhymes hones students' auditory skills, which are imperative to reading and sp … read more

Multisensory Monday: Conquer the Clock

Posted by Brainspring on 17th Jan 2022

Single vowels have short and long sounds, slowing readers down because they think about which sound works with the words they read. When two vowels are together in a word, it is called a vowel digraph … read more

Multisensory Monday: Skill Intensive for w & wh

Posted by Brainspring on 10th Jan 2022

Here’s a fun, crafty, multisensory way to help students who need additional practice distinguishing between the “w” and “wh” /hw/ sounds and spelling (lessons 1-28 and 1-32.) It can be tailored to stu … read more

Multisensory Monday: Compound Word Cards

Posted by Brainspring on 6th Dec 2021

As students grow as readers and writers, they will encounter more significant words. One type of larger word is a compound word. Compound words are two little words joined together to make a new word. … read more