Multisensory Monday: Sound It Out Card Game

Posted by Brainspring on 30th Aug 2021

The past school year was ever-changing, so we all needed a relaxing and fun Summer. As August begins to wind down, it is time to think about school and practice some reading skills. Children know the … read more

Multisensory Monday: Pull to Read

Posted by Brainspring on 23rd Aug 2021

This simple craft is a wonderful way to make word work fun and have students practice their decoding and fluency skills! I found it online a while back and used it in both my classroom and 1-on-1 tuto … read more

Multisensory Monday: Mirrors & Phonics

Posted by Brainspring on 26th Jul 2021

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall: What is the greatest teaching tool of all?"While it is no secret to speech pathologists, it may come as a surprise to others that using a mirror when teaching phonics is … read more

Multisensory Monday: Summer Learning

Posted by Brainspring on 19th Jul 2021

School is out, temperatures are rising, and summer is here! Kids think summer is when learning ends and the fun begins. While that may be partially true, learning does not need to stop, and it also do … read more

Make Morphology Multisensory for Older Students

Posted by Brainspring on 15th Jul 2021

When working with older students, the question arises: What multisensory objects will grab their attention, be memorable, yet still be interactive? In this blog, I am going to share some of my favorit … read more

Multisensory Monday: Morpheme Hunt

Posted by Brainspring on 28th Jun 2021

Morphology is a handy “tool” for your students. It allows them to break up multisyllabic words into meaningful parts to obtain the word’s meaning. While students may have ample practice with morphemes … read more