Autumn Word Leaves- Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 18th Oct 2015


Looking out my front door.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! Today’s activity was inspired by my front yard on this beautiful fall day in Michigan. My husband spent all afternoon Friday raking the leaves and the yard is already covered again. One of my students said his house gets even more leaves, so we decided to have some fun covering our yards with leaves while practicing Red Words. He named this activity “Falling Red Words”. Feel free to use this for any dictation practice though; it doesn’t have to be used for Red Words.

Falling Red Words

For this activity, you’ll need to print the Autumn Word Leaves and have some basic coloring supplies.

First, let the students draw an autumn scene to put the leaves on. My student and I drew our houses, but students could also choose to draw a park, pumpkin patch, forest, etc. Then the students should cut out the Autumn Word Leaves.

Next, give students words to write on the leaves. I used this as a Red Word review activity, so I had my student arm tap a Red Word then write it on a leaf. Students could also pound, tap and write dictation words or their spelling words or words that describe autumn.

Finally, the students glue their word leaves on their autumn scene to complete their fall picture! My student liked his picture so much that he wanted to take it home. My example isn’t nearly as good.


My scene with leaves.


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