Double Duty Nouns and Verbs- Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 16th Nov 2015

Double Duty PicHi everyone,

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! I’m on the road and put together this multisensory activity based on a discussion I had with a group of teachers last week. We got started talking about adding in a higher level of sophistication for older students by incorporating activities for grammar and parts of speech into Phonics First lessons. One of our ideas was to have students isolate the vowel sound in a word then decide if it is a noun or a verb. We ended up laughing as each word we picked seemed to be one that could be a noun or a verb, depending on context: tan, pen, hog, etc.

As we continued, we realized what a great lesson this could be for older students because it involves grammar and makes them take a second thought about some seemingly simple words. I used that idea for Double Duty Nouns and Verbs. You can play with the word cards and sentence sheets I created, or make your own. Better yet, once the students get the concept, have them make their own!

Double Duty Nouns and Verbs sentences

Double Duty Nouns and Verbs word cards

Double Duty Nouns and Verbs

Double Duty PicPick several words that can be used as nouns or verbs. Make 2 word cards for each word. One will be the noun card and one will be the verb card. Use different colors for nouns and verbs. In my printout nouns are blue and verbs are orange.

Double Duty Nouns and Verbs word cards

double duty sentence picNext come up with different sentences that use those words as nouns and verbs.  Leave a blank for the noun/verb word. Make sure the space is big enough for students to write the word in or glue in the word card. Again you can use different colors to help the students know if they will need a noun or verb card to fill the blank. My printout is again blue for nouns and orange for verbs.

Double Duty Nouns and Verbs sentences

Mix up the sentences and divide them in half. This is a 2-player game, so each player will get half of the sentences. My printout is divided into Sentences A and Sentences B. Cut the paper in half and give one half to each player.

Now the students get to play! Put the word cards face down between the players and spread them out. Each player will take a turn choosing a word card. If the word card can be fit into one of their sentences, they get to keep it. They can write the word in the space or glue in the word card.

*Note: The color of the word card must match the color of the sentence. For example, if a student needs the noun “fish”, they need the blue “fish” card. If they draw the orange card, it’s the verb card and they cannot use it in their sentence. They must wait until they draw the blue card.

If the player cannot use the word card, they return it facedown somewhere in the word card pile.

The first player to complete all their sentences is the winner!


Let me know what you think of this game in the comments below.

Share things you add into your phonics lesson to better suit the needs of older students.


Vowel Team Chart

Do your students find it difficult to remember multiple vowel spellings as you teach more vowel teams and diphthongs? Dite at Ladder Learning Services has an easy to make Vowel Team Chart that can be used as a simple graphic organizer or reference for students as they learn more and more vowel spellings. Check it out on her blog. She even has a printable one for you!


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