Multisensory Activity for b and d reversal

Multisensory Activity for b and d reversal

Posted by Brainspring on 15th May 2023

A common error is reversing “b” and “d”. This short multisensory activity is designed to help students with this.


  • Cookie sheet
  • Flour

Cover the cookie sheet in flour. You will use your finger to write with.

It is important to show students how to make letters. Provide step-by-step directions of what you are doing when you write each letter in the sand.

  • For the “b” start at the top and draw a line down. Lift your finger. Go up the line halfway and make a half circle. It may be helpful to point out that the lower case “b” is an upper case “B” without the upper half circle.
  • The letter “d” comes after “c”. Start by drawing the letter “c”. Lift your finger. Make a line from top to bottom that touches the outer edges of the “c”

Once students have seen you make the letters a couple times, then it is their turn to try. Have students verbalize each step as they are writing the letter.

Written by: Jessica LaCroix

Jessica is a certified teacher and mother.

She loves being creative and making learning more engaging for students.

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