Multisensory Monday: Ending Blends Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Brainspring on 31st Oct 2021

This game is guaranteed to be a favorite with your students! It includes all 16 ending blends found in lessons 2-13 A, B, and C and can be used as a multisensory activity for lessons 2-14 or 2-15.  The students will love getting up, moving around, and finding clues as they read words with ending blends!     


  • Index cards
  • Tape
  • Cup
  • Container with a twist top
  • Ruler
  • Rubber band
  • Small prize/optional

Make it Multisensory:

Prepare task cards and items in advance (task card material below). Before the session begins, place cards and objects around the room, as noted below. For more practice, after the hunt, have your student underline the blends on the clue cards.

First card for the student to read:

A Hunt for Hints

Do not sulk. This is not a test.

Just try and do your very best!

This is a hunt with hints and tasks.

If you want help, lift your hand and ask!

Now, hand student task card #1 to read:

Task #1

Stand up and look for the hint to your left.

Task card #2 should be placed/taped somewhere left of your student, a challenge to find yet somewhat visible. Once they find the card, have your student read the next clue:

Task #2

Check the map for a planet fact.

Hide this card by or behind the map in your room with a portion of it visible. Once your student finds this card, have them read the fact and next clue:

Task #3

Fact: Our planet is on a slant and spins on a tilt.

For the next task, bend a bit to see the hint by the desk.

Hide this card under the desk/table. Once your student finds this card, have them read it:

Task #4

Lift the cup that is on the shelf.

Hide this card inside a cup and place it upside down on the filing cabinet. Once your student finds it, have them read the card:

Task #5

Grasp a cap and twist the top.

Hide this card in a container with a top. Once found, have your student read:

Task #6

Look for a band kept at the end of an inch.

Hide this clue card at the end of a ruler wrapped with a rubber band. Have your student read the final card. Attaching a small prize or piece of candy is optional. 

Task #7

Winner!! ☺

You held up with all the tasks!

Lift your fists. You are a champ!

Written by Frances Olson

Frances is a Brainspring Tutor.

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