Multisensory Monday- ABC Cookies

Posted by Brainspring on 15th Dec 2014

Hi everyone,

Multisensory Monday is actually Multisensory Tuesday this week due to some technical difficulties yesterday.  This one is worth the wait though: it’s fun and easy, and you get to eat cookies at the end.  What more could you want?

I know your students will enjoy this because I had one of mine helping out to make these examples and he had a great time, especially at the end when he got to eat what we made.

ABC Cookies

This activity requires some kind of round cookie and icing.  Homemade or store-bought will both work just fine.  I just happened to spend the weekend baking cookies for Christmas, so I had a fresh batch of Malted Milk Cookies to use.

The idea is simple- students build words with letters written on cookies with icing.  I’ll show several examples of how these can be used for different levels and different lessons, but feel free to be creative.  You can write the letters ahead of time and just have the students build or you hand the icing to the students and let them write on the cookies.

*Note: This is meant to be a fun treat for the holiday season, not an in depth multisensory focused on skill building.  I would use this to review a skill they have already learned and just have each student make one or two words before they get to eat the cookies as a treat at the end.

For young, beginning readers and spellers, cut a cookie into pieces, write a letter on each and have them build and read the word.


Students in Layer 2 can use more sophisticated skills, like blends and ng/nk endings or 2 syllable words.







The idea I like most is to take advantage of the cookie’s circle shape and use this for C-le or Consonant-y endings.  Remember C-le and Consonant-y are syllables on their own.  Students should circle those endings when you introduce them in dictation and they also get circled as part of syllabication.  To use cookies, keep the C-le or Consonant-y syllable on one cookie and the beginning syllable on another.  Have the students decide if the first syllable is open or closed and then read the word before eating.

DSCF0828 DSCF0827


Here is something fun I shared with my student.  One of my favorite recipe books actually uses a Consonant-y to spell cookie!


Happy Holidays! 

Multisensory Monday will be going on Christmas break the next 2 weeks, but it will be back in the new year on January 5,2015!

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