Multisensory Monday: Beginning Syllabication for Struggling Students

Multisensory Monday: Beginning Syllabication for Struggling Students

Posted by Brainspring on 27th Jun 2022

When introducing Syllabication, some students find the seven steps difficult and need extra support to feel successful. Underlining and labeling the vowels, building the bridge, and the rest of the steps to dividing the word may be daunting for struggling students. Simplifying this process while focusing on reading the longer word (the ultimate goal in Syllabication) will pave the way to success in the future.

All of your students can participate in Syllabication although some may need extra support.

  1. Prepare a sheet of construction paper by drawing the outline of a strip of Red Word paper in the center (1/3 of a sheet of printer paper).
  2. Write the letters VCCV below the outline in the center of the drawing.
  3. Attach a ribbon with a button at the end to the top, center of the construction paper.
  4. Give students the Syllabication words printed on the Red Word sheets.
  5. Students are to lay each word in the outline, then place the ribbon in the center of the VCCV written at the bottom.
  6. This placement automatically divides the word into two parts. Ask students to write the syllable type above each part, and then read the word.

Good luck!

Written by Ingrid Hartig

Ingrid is a Master Instructor with Brainspring’s Educator Academy


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