Multisensory Monday: Decodable Scavenger Hunts

Multisensory Monday: Decodable Scavenger Hunts

Posted by Brainspring on 21st Mar 2022

While reading, in general, is a vast process that covers lots of different concepts, we do not have to make it boring. One favorite activity of mine is to take some of the dictation words or sentences found in the Phonics First®Decodable Scavenger Hunt - Attachment Curriculum Guide, combine them with some I have written, and have students look for items based on the clues given! It is an excellent way for students to practice decoding, fluency, and even their vocabulary and inferencing skills. The best thing is to tailor this for any concept or Layer you are working on. Have your students complete it in the classroom or at home for homework. Type a list of items written in decodable words or phrases, print, and allow students time to look for each item! If possible, they can either collect the item or just put a check in the box next to the found item. 


Decodable Scavenger Hunt List 



Try It! 

Here is an example of one that I did with my students recently to practice all Layer One concepts (they were to look for all the items at home):

Expand It!

If students cannot find a particular item or they want to include more accountability, have them draw a picture of the item next to the word or phrase. 

Dog or pup

A can for a cat

Red hat

A pen cap

A gal that is six 

A pin

A pic of your mom

A vat or pot full to the rim

A sock on a bed

A tag on a can or jug

A wet bathtub

Red van 

Wet rag

A rod to get fish

A big ham

A pop can that can fizz

A bit of gum

A cup or mug

A chin of a chum

A ship 

A fig or yam

Bun for a hotdog

Bag of chips


Chess set

A web with a bug

A duck or hen

A path to a shed or shack

A box with a lock



Written by Tony Puente.

Tony is a Brainspring Tutor and Livestream Facilitator with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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