Multisensory Monday: Ending Blend Hole Puncher

Multisensory Monday: Ending Blend Hole Puncher

Posted by Georgia Diamantopoulos on 5th Nov 2018

This is a fun activity for practicing the ending blend nch. It is ideal for students who have learned both tch and ch, but are struggling to discriminate /nch/ at the end of words. Some students may come across this difficulty because the two phonemes /n/, and /ch/, are pronounced so closely together in the blend (/n/ on the alveolar ridge, and with /ch/ just behind it, the /n/ can sometimes get “lost”). Doing this activity will strengthen auditory discrimination between /ch/ and /nch/, by allowing the students to hear the two sounds within words many times, and practice sounding out words aloud or to themselves.

Materials needed:

  • Hole punch
  • Printed activity sheet (below)

Hole punch for nch activity


Make it Multisensory …

  • Call out one of the words or image from the sheet above.
  • The student will take a hole punch and punch a word or image only if it contains /nch/.
  • If the word ends in /ch/, the student will not hole punch the word.


Short, sweet, yet effective!


Written by Georgia Diamantopoulos

Georgia is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Shelby Township.

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