Multisensory Monday: Follow the Yellow Yarn

Posted by Marguerite Foshee on 18th Nov 2019

Letter Y can make multiple sounds, depending on where it is located in a word. This multisensory acitvity is for letter Y, when it is at the beginning of a word and thus making the sound of /y/. Using a key word that begins with the target sound (in this case, yellow yarn) can help students recall the sound if they are stuck.

I find myself falling into a monotony of using the same review games on repeat (BINGO, Go Fish, etc.), however, I love this sensory lesson! It allows students to get up and move their bodies, which we all know is key.

Make it Multisensory


  • Yarn
  • Words for the concept being taught (printed/written out)
  • Some sturdy physical obstacles like chairs, small tables, etc…

To prepare for this lesson, I printed my words on colored paper. Then, I cut them into individual word cards. Next, I hole punched the cards and threaded the yarn through the holes. A good rule of thumb may be to space the cards about 1-2 feet apart and secure each in place with a knot (this yarn needs to be crazy long!). The next step is the most fun: using your yarn, create a maze with the yarn – weaving over, under, around, and through furniture. Students will follow the yellow yarn, reading the words as they collect the yarn on their journey.

While this activity was much shorter that anticipated*, my young man absolutely LOVED it and thought it was a great game.

*It may be beneficial to print 1-3 sets of the words because kids move quickly when they
are excited!



Written by Marguerite Foshee, M.Ed

Marguerite is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Clarkston, Michigan.

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