Multisensory Monday- Hopping Sounds

Posted by Brainspring on 19th May 2014


Whoo hoo!  We are joining the 21st Century and adding video capabilities to  Let me know how you like the video in the comments below.  If you like the video format, I’ll definitely try to include more.

I want to figure out how to get rid of the black strips on the sides though.  If anyone knows how to make the video take up the whole area please let me know!


You’ve Got Questions, I’ll Get Answers

At the end of the video I mentioned out new “Ask the Expert” type of series.  I need your questions to answer!  Please comment or email your questions about reading, teaching, Phonics First, multisensory teaching, Orton Gillingham, learning disabilities, working with struggling students or anything you want to know in order to better help your students!


Reading and Spelling App

Dite at Ladder Learning Services also wanted to share a resource this week.  Check out her blog at to learn about Whizzimo, a letter tiles app/ smartboard program/website.  It incorporates technology and multisensory instruction- a winning combination!


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