Multisensory Monday: Lighten Up! Lesson 4-13

Multisensory Monday: Lighten Up! Lesson 4-13

Posted by Brainspring on 11th Jul 2022

Using a flashlight to reinforce the “igh” sound will brighten your student’s day! This activity is simple, and they will love it!


  • Flashlight
  • PhonicsFirst Card #170 “igh.”
  • Dictation words from lessons 4-13 on paper

Make it Multisensory:

Hide the “igh” card somewhere in the room where it is partially visible. Turn off the lights and let your student find the card using the flashlight. Once your student finds the card, have them say the sound and write the letters in the sand. Repeat the activity by hiding it in another spot. A variation would be to hide several dictation words around the room and have your student find them using the flashlight. 

It is guaranteed to be a delight! Have fun!

Written by Frances Olsen

Frances is a Brainspring Tutor in Shelby Township

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