Multisensory Monday- Peeps Fleet

Posted by Brainspring on 27th Apr 2014

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a great day.  I am because it’s Multisensory Monday and I have an awesome game for you.  As I promised, this game uses leftover Easter candy-in my opinion, the best Easter candy- Peeps!

What are your favorite activities that use springtime candy?  Let me know in the comments below.

I am so excited about this activity because, not only do you get to eat chick-shaped marshmallows, you get a fun game to go along with a vowel team.  Usually coming up with a craft or cute idea for Layer 1 skills is simple.  Coming up with multisensory activities for more advanced skills or older students can sometimes be a challenge though.  I’m here to help!  Today’s multisensory activity is PEEPS FLEETS for Lesson 3-18 ee.  Teachers and students of all ages will enjoy this Battleship-inspired game.



This is a 2 player game.  You’ll need 2 game boards, 6 Peeps, 2 pencils and a set of ee word cards.  I used the dictation words from 3-18, but feel free to use nonsense words or other ee words you are confident your students can read on their own.  Using folders or dividers that can be propped up to discourage cheating might also be helpful.


Click here for game board and word cards:

PEEPS Fleet Gameboard

PEEPS Fleet Word Cards


DSCF0664The rules are just like Battleship.  Each player sets up their Peeps on the top grid.  Each Peeps should take up 2 spaces horizontally or vertically.  No diagonals and no moving Peeps once the game starts.  Next, players take turns drawing a card from the pile.  The player reads the word on the card and then gets to guess a square he thinks the opponent may have a Peeps in.  If the player hits a Peeps, he writes “ee” in the grid on the bottom of his game board.  If he misses, he writes an “x”.  Either way, it is the next player’s turn.

The first player to sink his opponents Peeps is the winner and both players get to eat their Peeps!



To make the game more challenging and work on spelling skills, add in some dictation.  In this version, each player has to pound, tap and write an ee word before they guess where the opponent’s Peeps may be.  The opponent will read an ee word to the player.  On a separate sheet of paper the player pounds, taps and writes the word, then shows it to the opponent.  The opponent checks it with the word card and if the player spelled the word correctly, he gets to guess a square.


Comment below if you have any more ideas for using leftover Peeps!

Also, does anyone know the proper singular form of Peeps?  It’s been awkward writing “a Peeps,” but I feel like Peeps is one of those words like “deer,” the same in the singular or plural. 

Let me know which lessons you’d like to see coming up in Multisensory Mondays.

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