Multisensory Monday: Race Car Board Game for Digraph WH

Posted by Julie Wright on 14th Apr 2019

Digraph WH is a strange sound. It’s like /w/, but a little more breathy. This week’s multisensory activity provides a board game that is sure to provide students with plenty of exposure and repetition to words that contain /wh/.


Print out the race car game board below and write real and pseudo WH words in each space. Create “Wheel To” cards with one WH word or pseudoword on each card. Use two toy race cars as the movers.

CLICK HEREAND HERE … for a printable game board.

Quick Preparation

Organize the “Wheel To” cards ahead of time so your student is only able to move 2-3 spaces at a time (this will give them the chance to read more of the WH words).

Make it Multisensory

Take turns drawing a card and putting the front wheels of your race car on the word drawn in order to go around the track. There is always the option to have your student not only read the word but also practice pounding and fingertapping the word. Maybe only pound and fingertap the final word before crossing the finish line and winning the game!



Written by Julie Wright, M. Ed

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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