Multisensory Monday- Spelling with C and K

Posted by Brainspring on 10th Jan 2016

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Multisensory Monday: Sarah’s Spelling School!

When to use C and K

When you hear the sound /k/ at the beginning of a word use this rule to determine if it should be spelled with c or k.

C comes before a, o and u.

K comes before i, e and y.


Share your ideas for teaching c and k in the comments below!

Check back next week for another spelling rule.


Reading a Clock

This week Dite looks at a different type of reading in her blog: reading a clock. I wish I had known these ideas when I was working with struggling students in summer camp!

She has helpful tips and videos on telling time and the language of time. These are great ideas for all students, but especially those with dyslexia.


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