Multisensory Monday: Story Time with Ziggy the Zebra

Multisensory Monday: Story Time with Ziggy the Zebra

Posted by Samantha Brooks on 29th Oct 2018

Kids love puppets and story time! Here is a fun phonemic awareness activity that you can use to introduce the /z/ sound. Students sit and listen to Ziggy – he has some interesting ways of saying words, and needs your help!

Make it Multisensory …

Start by making a Ziggy the Zebra puppet. You can doodle this on a brown paper bag, or glue this picture of Ziggy on a popsicle stick, and turn into your puppet.

Ziggy the Zebra Puppet


Tell your students:

“Ziggy (show zebra puppet) wants to tell us a story. He loves the /z/ sound so much that he puts it at the beginning of words where it does not go. Listen carefully. If he says any words wrong, you can help him say the word correctly.”


For example:

Ziggy: “One time, I met a ferocious ziger

Students: “You mean tiger!


Continue this pattern for the rest of the story below. Each time students hear a word beginning with a /z/ sound that is wrong, they can give the correct word.

“Instead of chasing me, the tiger sat on the zound”                      ground

“I asked him why he was sad, and then he started to zry”             cry

“He said he didn’t like chasing zebras like ze”                                me

And all the other tigers laughed and made zun of him”               fun

The tiger loved to eat green leaves and pretty zlowers”              flowers

“So I decided to take the tiger home to my zamily”                      family

“and now he is happy to graze in the zarden with us!”                  garden


This activity can be used as a phonemic awareness warm up and introduction of /z/. Then, students can draw stripes on a Ziggy the Zebra pattern for a multisensory activity.


Have fun and enjoy! 


Written by Samantha Brooks, MSE, CDP

Samantha Brooks is an Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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