Multisensory Monday: Tinfoil Fun

Multisensory Monday: Tinfoil Fun

Posted by Brainspring on 19th Sep 2022

Sometimes it will take students more than one session to completely grasp the concept of a lesson. If you’ve already used “coin” for Lesson 4-10 diphthong oi, and need more ideashere’s an activity that will engage your student’s senses.


  • Tin or aluminum foil
  • Colorful permanent markers

Make it Multisensory:

The great thing about using foil is that it will engage multiple senses. It makes an interesting sound as a sheet, and as it’s being formed into shapes, like an “o” and “i”. 

First, have your student make an “o” and “i” out of a sheet of foil. Then, have them write the dictation words (writing bigger than usual letters) and place the tinfoil letters inside the dictation word. They could also place the foil “oi” over the written “oi.” 

Another idea is to have your student write the dictation words on a sheet of foil using colorful permanent markers. You could have your student use the same color for the “oi” in each dictation word so that the “oi” really stands out and is reinforced.

 Have fun!

Written by Frances Olson

Frances is a Brainspring Tutor.

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