Multisensory Monday: Sight Word Activities!

Posted by Brainspring on 21st Jun 2021

Sight words are familiar words that are recognized and not sounded out. They often occur in books and reading materials. These words can be difficult to sound out and spell, so it is best to memorize sight words. Practice and repetition are essential to master these words. When students know their sight words, their reading is faster and more fluent.  Learning sight words is a repetitive activity. Here are some fun ways to practice this skill.  

Click here for printable sight word cards you can use with the different activities.  

Take your learning outside!

Hopscotch - Make a hopscotch board. In each square, write in a sight word. Throw a rock on a word. Hop to that word, say it, and spell it. Repeat with all of the terms on the hopscotch board. 

Jump Rope - Take a sight word card, read the word and jump each letter as you spell it.

Sand Play - Take a sight word card, read the word and spell it in the sand. (This can be at the beach or in the backyard.)

Hide the Sight Word - Hide the sight words around the yard. Have your child search for the words. When he/she finds a card, he/she reads the word and spells the word. (This can also be played inside too)

Learning inside can be fun too!

Memory - Make two copies of the sight word cards and cut them apart. Turn all of the words face down on the table. Turn over four cards. If two cards match, you read and spell the words and keep them. Play continues until all cards are matched. The winner is the one with the most cards.  

Playdough - Put the sight words face down in a pile. The student flips over a card, reads it, and then spells the word with playdough. He/she can reread the word after spelling it.  

Sight Word War - Cut out the sight words and pass out the cards to each player. Flip a card over, and the first person to say their word gets to keep both cards.  

Written by Karen Oliverio.

Karen is a Brainspring Tutor in Clarkston, Michigan, and a Kindergarten teacher in Pontiac, Michigan.

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