Multisensory Monday: Skill Intensive for w & wh

Posted by Brainspring on 10th Jan 2022

Here’s a fun, crafty, multisensory way to help students who need additional practice distinguishing between the “w” and “wh” /hw/ sounds and spelling (lessons 1-28 and 1-32.) It can be tailored to students who like to get crafty or those who want to keep drawing simple.


Make it Multisensory

Begin by having your student fold the paper in half. Then, have them write a “w” at the top of the first half of the paper and a “wh” at the top of the second half. With crayons and craft materials, have your student create a slice of watermelon for “w” and the superhero comic word “wham!” for “wh.” (You may have to Google “superhero comic words” to give your student ideas.)

Once they’ve drawn each picture, have them listen as you read w and wh words. When they hear a word that starts with a “w,” have them glue a seed to the slice of watermelon. When they hear a word that begins with a “wh,” have them add a star (or exclamation point) to the “wham!” picture.

Here’s a list of possible words.

Optional Variations:

For a quicker version to use for intensives until the concept is mastered, use the template provided and place it in a page protector. 

  • Using a dry erase marker, have your student add a "seed" or star/exclamation point as you read the various w/wh words.  
  • Have your students say the correct sound and write a "w" or "wh" on the correct half of the sheet protector.
  • Using a mix of the dictation words from lessons 1-28 and 1-32, have your students write the words on the correct half.
  • Using a mix of pseudowords from lessons 1-28 and 1-32, have your student pound/tap and write the pseudowords on the correct half of the page protector.

Written by Frances Olsen

Frances is a Brainspring Tutor.

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