Orton-Gillingham in the General Education Classroom

Orton-Gillingham in the General Education Classroom

Posted by Brainspring on 3rd Oct 2018

Orton-Gillingham in the general education classroom: A Teacher’s Journey

Julie, a first-grade general education teacher, shares her journey in learning Phonics First Orton-Gillingham and implementing the program with her students. Below is a brief breakdown of the information she shared.

Phonics First can be implemented in all three tiers of RTI.

Julie implements Phonics First during whole and small group instruction. Some days, a parent volunteer comes in and works with the whole group, while Julie pulls students one at a time to strengthen individual needs.

What impact has Brainspring’s Orton-Gillingham training had on your teaching?

The training provided Julie with the pieces she was missing in her reading instruction. It also gave her a road map to teach children how to read! At Julie’s school, many students come in with different academic backgrounds. It is helpful for Julie to use Phonics First to assess her students and gear her instruction towards their needs.

What changes have you seen with your students since using Brainspring’s programs?

Julie notices reading becoming stronger for her students, whether they struggle or not. Along with this success, she finds confidence levels going up, and sees an excitement towards reading in her students. Julie mentions a particular dyslexic student in her class who tended to request using the blending board with enthusiasm. He felt excited because he was successful in it.

What made you decide that Brainspring was right for you?

When Julie discovered the Orton-Gillingham methodology, she researched where and how to be trained in it. She is thankful to have found Brainspring because she is interested in becoming certified (Brainspring is accredited through the IDA (International Dyslexia Association) and IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council). Julie is happy with the information she has learned during her multiple training’s and is continuously supported by her instructors post-training. Social media and Orton-Gillingham Weekly also provide ongoing support.

What made you decide to take our Level 2 Orton-Gillingham course? 

Julie took the Level 2 course because she was interested in becoming certified. This motivation stemmed from her knowledge of the high percentages of dyslexic students (1 in 5 students). She knows she will have dyslexic students in her classroom and wants to have the tools necessary to teach every child to read.

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Written by Angelina Spiteri-Bender

Angelina is an Educational Consultant and Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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