Orton-Gillingham Myth Busters

Orton-Gillingham Myth Busters

Posted by Brainspring on 1st May 2018

In this video, we address some common Orton-Gillingham myths that educators frequently ask. The details of the video are also outlined below.

Mythbuster #1: There is only one “real” Orton-Gillingham program

As stated in the video, “no” and “that’s just not true!” Orton-Gillingham is a methodology of teaching reading that teaches phonics explicitly, in a structured and systematic way. There are many existing programs, and it is critical to utilize an Orton-Gillingham program that is accredited and evidence-based.

Mythbuster #2: Orton Gillingham is only intended for special education

All students benefit from structured, multisensory and explicit phonics instruction, not only students receiving special education services. Educators more than likely have to teach phonics to all their students in their everyday classroom. Why not be proactive, and teach a program that works for everybody?

Mythbuster #3: Orton Gillingham lesson planning is time-consuming

Phonics First ®, which is an accredited Orton-Gillingham based program, is an incredibly user-friendly program. Materials are straight-forward, along with course documents that are readily available online. Multisensory activity suggestions are also available online for every lesson in the curriculum.

Mythbuster #4: You cannot use Orton Gillingham with other reading programs

Orton-Gillingham can be utilized as a core phonics program or can supplement an existing core reading program. A single lesson does not need to be taught every single day, rather, components of the lesson can be taught throughout the week during a block of time that fits into your schedule.

Written by Angelina Spiteri-Bender, CDP

Angelina is an Instructor at Brainspring Educator Academy. She is also the director of Brainspring’s Grosse Pointe Learning Center.

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