Red Word Refresher

Posted by Brainspring on 6th Aug 2014

Hi everyone,

You asked for it, so today we have a Red Word Refresher.  This first video is an introduction and demonstration of the most effective way to review Red Words.  The second video is a demonstration of teaching a new Red Word.

Please comment or email with more questions or suggestions of what area I should do a refresher on next!



Reviewing Red Words constantly is essential.  Students need frequent practice to master Red Words.  Remember, Red Words are mastered when the students can read AND spell them.  Students will often be able to read many more Red Words than they can spell.  It’s important that they get plenty of practice spelling the words in order to be able to apply them in writing.

The most effective way to review Red Words is with a 2 part review, consisting of words for reading and words for spelling.  A new Red Word should be practiced for reading first, then spelling.  Red Words should move through a 4 pile system in this order: 1) New, 2) Read, 3)Spell, 4) Retired.


Reminder: You can look at your Phonics First Lesson Plan page or Strategy Cards for a list of the steps to teach a new Red Word.


Was it helpful to actually watch the techniques being used?  What questions do you have?  What can I do to help you feel prepared to teach Phonics First this coming year?

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