Roll Out Sounds- Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 21st Sep 2015

DSC00706Hi everyone,

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! Today’s activity is another one that can be used for almost any phonics skill. Students will be working on vocabulary and phonics as they stretch their brains to quickly come up with words containing a certain phonics skill or pattern.

Roll Out Sounds

(I used this with a student when reviewing blends, but remember you can customize this activity for whatever skill your teaching or whatever skill your students need to practice.)

You’ll need a regular 6-sided die and a blank die print out.

Fill in the blank die with the skills or patterns you want your student to be able to brainstorm words for. You could even have the students fill in and create their own die. (My example is a review of beginning blends; you could also use digraphs, single consonants, ending blends, consonant-le, magic-e, short vowels sounds or any other skill you have taught.)DSC00702

Then cut, fold and glue or tape the die. I find tape much easier than glue and then there is no drying time. Cutting and folding the die may be difficult for young children, but my 4th grade student was able to quickly build his own.DSC00703

Now the game begins! Each player takes a turn rolling both the phonics skill die and the regular die. The phonics die shows the skill the student will have to brainstorm real words for. The regular die shows the number of words they need to brainstorm. Points are awarded for each word that is brainstormed. If I rolled a 4 and br, for example, I would need to brainstorm 4 words to get 4 points. If I can’t brainstorm 4 words, I don’t get any points. Even if I can think of 8 words, I can only say and get points for 4.

Note: The player does not have to be able to spell the words. They only need to say them. For example, a student may know the word “breathe” and use it for the br blend, even if they do not know how to spell it.

The game continues until a player reaches a set number of points or time runs out. I prefer to play by time to ensure that the game will fit in my phonics time and no one feels shorted when we have to end. When the game is over, the player with the most points wins!


What other games could you play using the same die?


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