Rolling with Word Families- Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 2nd Nov 2015

DSC00718Hi everyone,

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! I went on a breathtaking trip to view the fall colors in northern Michigan the other week. If you have never seen the fall colors in Michigan, I highly recommend adding it to your “Places to Go” list. While on this mini-vacation, I did quite well at the “Deal or No Deal” arcade game and settled on getting a set of colored foam dice with my winnings. What else could I do with these dice except use them for multisensory activities? Today I have my first idea: Rolling with Word Families.

Rolling with Word Families

For this game, you’ll need 2 dice and some paper. Students will end up rolling the dice to build words, but before playing, you’ll need to make a key. The key will let the students know what beginning letter or word family ending their roll of the dice corresponds to. Make one key with 6 beginning letters, one for each possible die roll, and another key with 6 word family endings.DSC00720

Each student will number their paper 1-10. On their turn, they will roll the dice. One die is the beginning letter, the other is the word family ending. In my case, the yellow die is for the beginning and the blue is for the ending. You could also play with one die, however, and just have the students roll twice for each turn.

After writing down the parts of their word, students read the word aloud and decide if it’s real or nonsense. My students marked nonsense words with an X and real words with a check mark.DSC00721

Students continue taking turns and rolling the dice until every player has gotten to build 10 words. The player with the most real words wins!


Instead of having the students roll two dice, you could assign a word family and students could roll to fill in only the first letter.


Word Ladders

This week, Dite shared an activity she likes to use to mix things up a little in her lessons. Since Orton-Gillingham lessons follow a certain structure, sometimes it’s good to add something a little different to keep students from becoming bored. Check out her blog for more about Word Ladder games she likes to use. She gives a free resource, as well as one that can be purchased.


I may not get to post an activity next Monday because I’ll be flying to work with some teachers in Arkansas, but I’ll be thinking of more ways to use my dice! Still remember to check back next week for Dite’s activity and a post inspired by the Arkansas teachers!


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