Short Vowel Race

Short Vowel Race

Posted by Brainspring on 23rd Jan 2023

Some students have difficulty identifying short vowel sounds and need additional practice. This is a short game to practice with those sounds.


-Short Vowel List

-Short Vowel Race Board


It’s a race to the top! Which short vowel sound will win? The teacher will provide each student with a crayon and the short vowel race board (you can cross out the vowel sounds you are not currently working with). The teacher says one of the words or pseudowords from the list. The student listens for the vowel sound and colors in a spot above that letter. The first vowel to have all sections colored in is the winner of the race. 

Printable Multisensory Monday - Short Vowel Race Board

Written by: Jessica LaCroix

Jessica is a certified teacher and mother.

She loves being creative and making learning more engaging for students.

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