Spellings: w/wh Activities

Spellings: w/wh Activities

Posted by Brainspring on 9th Oct 2023

In Phonics First® and Structures®, we stress the /h/ sound first in the spelling, wh. Our goal is to give the students enough practice with the w/wh spellings to know which one to apply in writing.

Some activities to practice the application of wh:

  • Use Skill Intensives to practice the w/wh spelling. Give students 2 index cards, one with w, one with wh. Say words with each spelling. Students hold up the correct card.
  • Prepare dictation word paper with 2 columns: one titled, w, and the other, wh. As you dictate words, students pound, fingertap, and write the word in the correct column.
  • Practice asking each other questions using wh words: who, what, where, why, when, which, whom, whose.
  • Ask students to illustrate the 7 most common wh (non-qestion) words: while, whale, wheel, whole, whirl, whip, white.


Written by Ingrid Hartig

Ingrid is an Education Consultant with Brainspring.

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