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Reading Anxiety in Children

Posted by Brainspring on 18th Feb 2021

[Editor’s Note: This article was first published in August 2019.] If you watch television, are on social media, listen to the radio, or read magazines, you have likely seen dozens of advertiseme … read more

Getting Them to Believe

Posted by Brainspring on 21st Oct 2020

Teaching students with learning disabilities and dyslexia for almost twenty years, I have first-hand knowledge of how effective Orton-Gillingham (OG), a multi-sensory approach, is for students with la … read more

Cooking as a Multifaceted Multisensory Activity

Posted by Brainspring on 1st Jul 2020

You do not need to leave the house to incorporate adventure in teaching your children.  Tempting your student with delicious treats will not only provide them with vital skills, but also allow them to … read more

13 Ways to Reduce Student Anxiety

Posted by Marguerite Foshee on 1st Apr 2020

During this very strange and anxiety-provoking time, we find ourselves constantly thinking of our students and how to best help them. Marguerite, a veteran teacher, has a bag of tricks up her sleeve t … read more

It’s Not Personal, It’s a Chemical Reaction

Posted by Autumn Templeton on 5th Dec 2019

“I’m sorry, we just don’t see it in school.” “Whatever is happening at home, it is not affecting her education.” “He has lots of friends and is happy in class.” Receiving positive feedback from teache … read more