Phonics First in a Virtual Classroom: A Guide for Parents

Posted by Brainspring (StephanieCastillo) on 10th May 2021

Hi Parents! If you’re reading this, your child receives phonics instruction using a program called Phonics First®. As we all adapt to virtual classrooms, your help with Phonics First® will be very im … read more

5 Ways to Find Calm (You Owe This To Yourself)

Posted by Brainspring on 4th Nov 2020

Dear Teachers, I want you to know first and upmost, YOU are valued. As a former teacher, I know all the work that goes into teaching under typical circumstances. Teaching during this pandemic is far f … read more

Five Ways to Slow the Teacher Slide

Posted by Brainspring on 15th Jul 2020

Many of us in the education community have heard about the summer slide that our students experience. But what about us educators? How many of us have participated in useful professional development, … read more

Multisensory Monday: Syllable Scramble

Posted by Brainspring on 1st Jun 2020

Students dig syllabication! They’re so relieved to realize there’s a tool to tackle reading the many long, seemingly complicated words they come across in this very irregular English langu … read more

Quick Tips on Virtual Learning

Posted by Brainspring on 25th Mar 2020

Amidst our current school closures, many educators are tapping into virtual learning not only for their students but also for their own professional development. Here at Brainspring, it is our mission … read more