Come Back, Cursive!

Posted by Brainspring on 6th Jan 2021

In many school districts nationwide, cursive handwriting is making a comeback, and rightfully so. Come Back, Cursive! There are many reasons to encourage cursive penmanship with your students. Cursive … read more

Why Handwriting Matters

Posted by Brainspring on 12th Nov 2020

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in January 2019. The version you see below has been updated with additional resources. Trends in schools across the country have shown that stud … read more

Multisensory Monday: Personify Letters

Posted by Brainspring on 18th Oct 2020

Monday is back again! Anyone in need of some new visual aids in supporting proper letter formation? Are your students reversing letters frequently? The letters b, p, d, q not only confuse beginning an … read more

The Importance of Handwriting

Posted by Brainspring on 22nd Jan 2020

Writing by hand is an essential component of learning how to read. In today’s video, Ingrid Hartig, Master Instructor, dives into the many neurological reasons why handwriting is important and h … read more

Multisensory Monday: “Good Letter, Bad Letter”

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 15th Jul 2019

To encourage proper letter formation, teachers can create a simple activity that helps students recognize and articulate what makes letters “good” or “bad”. What You’ll Need Index cards or paper squar … read more
Handwriting Matters

Handwriting Matters

Posted by Brainspring on 31st Jan 2019

Trends in schools across the country have shown that students are spending less and less time on handwriting. With technology use in the everyday classroom, handwriting seems to be … old news. W … read more