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Multisensory Monday: B is for Basketball

Posted by Brainspring on 28th Jun 2020

With all the learning happening at home within the last few months due to COVID-19, summer reading loss is an even more important issue. During a typical summer, students in kindergarten through third … read more

Indoor Recess: What a Blast!

Posted by Samantha Brooks on 6th Jun 2019

Many times, throughout the school year, kids hear those two words they don’t want to hear—indoor recess. Often times this means kids spend more time sitting and engaging in sedentary activities like w … read more

The Cognitive Benefits of Recess

Posted by Georgia Diamantopoulos on 30th May 2019

Recess is more than just a break from the classroom and has profound cognitive benefits. This period of unstructured play gives children an opportunity to be physically active, creative, imaginative, … read more
Recess! Let’s Go Outside!

Recess! Let’s Go Outside!

Posted by Loraine Hodgson on 21st Jun 2018

June’s blog topic focuses on the importance of recess and student achievement. Our next article explains some of the research and findings on why physical activity is recommended for setting stu … read more
Scientist, Psychologist, Explorer

Scientist, Psychologist, Explorer

Posted by Brainspring on 22nd Jun 2017

When I watch my two-year-old son play with his toys I usually admire his efforts and think to myself how cute he is. But when I stop to think about it, I am amazed at how his play is really his job. Y … read more
Is Recess Worth the Time?

Is Recess Worth the Time?

Posted by Brainspring on 10th Jun 2017

There’s only so much time in a school day.  As a teacher, I feel like there’s never enough time to cram in all the content, let alone anything else. Not only does this fast-paced schedule … read more