Red Words By Heart

Posted by Brainspring on 16th Dec 2020

Red Word instruction is an essential part of every Phonics First® or Structures® lesson. Approximately 15% of the words in English are “non-phonetic” or do not contain regular spelling patterns. These … read more

Multisensory Monday: Syllabication Jamboard

Posted by Brainspring on 13th Dec 2020

After almost a year of remote learning behind my belt, I have come to realize that a variety of computer applications are available for online Orton-Gillingham lessons. For those of you experienced &# … read more

Structures To-Go!

Posted by Brainspring on 14th Oct 2020

This is certainly a year like no other! I am sure that all of my fellow teachers will agree, it is definitely a year when every day brings a new set of surprises – and additions or subtractions to the … read more

Multisensory Monday: Syllabication Word Uno

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 20th Jan 2020

Quickly and accurately reading multisyllabic words is troublesome for many emergent or struggling readers. To provide extra practice with longer words, I like to use games. They’re quick, fun, and oft … read more

Multisensory Monday: Matching Game for Root "Phobia"

Posted by Audrey Bon on 6th Jan 2020

Using multisensory strategies when teaching Greek and Latin roots will help your older students remember the root and make deeper connections. This matching game connects the root phobia (fear) with p … read more