Phonics First Primary



Course Hours

18 hours


Kindergarten through 1st grade: General Education (Tier 1: Whole class or small group)

Kindergarten through 1st grade: Special Education, intervention, resource (Tier 2 & 3: Small group or one-on-one)


This course qualifies teachers to bring beginning-level Orton-Gillingham multisensory instruction to their classrooms. Phonics First® transforms beginning, struggling, at-risk readers, and students with dyslexia and learning differences into skilled learners through our effective, fun, multisensory approach to reading and spelling.

To complete the remaining 12 hours of Level I, enroll in the Phonics First® Level I Completion course. Contact our Partnerships team for details: 800-732-3211.

NEW! CONTINUED SUPPORT: Course participants receive one-year, online access to the Phonics First® Primary Course Review. This on-demand access allows teachers to review content, skills and strategies for all lesson components.

Participants Learn to Teach
  • Alphabet and phonological awareness strategies
  • Basic phonetic concepts for decoding and encoding
  • A Three-Part Drill for structured review
  • Tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
  • Oral reading/connected text fluency
  • Introductory Syllabication for multisyllabic words
Additional Benefits:
  • Guidance with lesson planning and classroom implementation
  • Opportunities for hands-on lesson practice with other participants
  • Emphasis on teaching reading to beginning, struggling, at-risk readers, and students with dyslexia and learning differences using Orton-Gillingham methodology
  • Complimentary Brainspring Members Area Access: reproducible lesson resources and activities
  • Receive a document of completion
  • Be prepared to teach Phonics First® to students in Kindergarten through 1st Grade
  • Be eligible for the Phonics First® Level I Completion course
  • Be eligible to purchase one Graduate Credit (Ashland University)